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We offer high-quality temperature-resistant cables for various industries and business applications. These may include air conditioning systems, refrigeration engineering, plastic processing and more. Find reliable brands of cables for your business needs!
High Temperature
Heat Resistance Cables
From 200°C to 750°C
Fiberglass Sheathed
Outer SUS Jacket
Silicone Sheathed
Outer SUS Jacket
Electrical Hook-Up Cable
(Silicone / Teflon / XLPE)
Thermocouple Wires
Colour Code (ANSI / JIS / IEC)
Silicone / Fiberglass / Teflon Insulated RTD Extension Cable
Constant Wattage Parallel
Heater Cable
Silicone Heating Cable
Fiberglass Heating Cable
Silicone Termination Kit / Terminal Joint
Stainless Steel Sleeve
Fiberglass Silicone Lavish Sleeve
Fiberglass Silicone Jacket Sleeve